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colors. the election is over but the gridlock remains. why the clock is icking for america's economy.. 3 republicans maintain cootrol of the u-s house afterr pesterday'sseleetion.democrats control the senatee..and of it's been that way forrtwo yeaa. years. but ... the politicians... inability... to... agree on ...things like... the ...federal budget .../ or... how to control the debt, ../ may... be... just the start... of griilock... with... &pstraaght ahead. ahead. the cliif we are talking about looms so large -- seasoned economists don't want to dwell economy in the first year.--- - [peterrmorici sound]in 36:38 "thh president and congress are going to be very busy from november 15th till around christmas to resolve these issues."trt=:07a blow to the economy that could reel america back into the grips of a deep recession.[take graphic called "fiscalcliif" eric's shaae folder]the lifffincludes reductions tt defeese, expiration of bush era tax cuts, the end of the payyoll &ptax holiday, extended reimbursemmnt cuts to doctors. perraas with [pll
that are behind these the economy, and as we all know, thh economy is till sluggish, but there is improvement. average spending pn thanksgivvng trips is expecteddto drop 56 ddllars from last year. the average distance, down 16 percent.. theevast majority of travelers will go by car, more han 39 expecttd on par wiih last number of airrpassengers -- slightty down, to just over three-point-one million. ddssite a ew lessstravelers innthe skies, fare wwtchers say don't expect ast-minute deals.if you haven't yet booked your holiday travel and you''e looking to find that great airfarr deal, forr phanksgiving weekend, yyu may pe out of luck with just a &pweek until the holidays,,thos few seats that are left on thee plane are certainly going to be at a premium. ffr infrequent fliers, the t-s-a and screening ppocedures.we y unddrstand that holiday with a positive experience at the airport.and be mindful of peak travel days, the wwdnesdayybefooe thanksgiving, wasshngton, i'm karin caifa. -----end----- cnn.script----- commng up... a public punishhent... doesn't go exactly as planned. plann
the economy growing and get the jobs being created and that means more revenue -- >> let me ask you, i want to ask you directly. would you accept the piece-meal, let's just pass the tax -- extension of the bush tax cuts for the 98% of people under 250? >> it doesn't make any sense to us to raise taxes on job creators at this time of economic challenge. the equation is revenue, and spending. and, we can increase revenue without increasing the tax rates on anybody in this country, we can lower the rates, broaden the base, close the loopholes, as you have discussed. and put in place pro-growth policies in energy and health care and the regulatory policy and address the spending. and the spending that has to be addressed is, medicare, medicaid and social security. >> chris: just so i can clear this up, you are not -- boehner seemed to be saying, i am going to close some of the loopholes and use some of the revenue, use some of the revenue from closing loopholes to cut the deficit. are you accepting that or not. >> i think that is the way we can reach agreement and i think what many of us are sa
issue facing the u-s economy... the fiscal cliif? patings aggncy fitch fired a - it will downgrade the u-s credit rating if congress does pothing and the economy goes over the one analyst put it today, if therr's no resolution, stocks will plummet and the econnmyywill drown in quicksand.that all senttthe dow tumbling 311- points... the biggest decline - offthe year.we did seeesome individual sectors post big moves... and ii waa a direct results offpresident obama -3 stocks sold off, with j-- morgan chase and bank f americc falling 5-7-percent &peach.the ttinking is that ith &pobama as president, there will & be a ccntinnation of tightt regulation.on tte flip side, hospitals posted the biggest gains among n-y-s-e isted commanies.tenet, h-c-a, and other ssrged 10 - percent -3 pach... because one thing is --3for sure... obama-caae is here to stay.that means more americans ill have health insurance and that means more customers for hospitall.thht's & a wraa of a tumultuous dayyon wall street.aliion kosik, att the new ork stock exccange. & 3 ccm
economy... 41:50:07 bag of stuff some nnpkinn some paper put around aad the pverything has gone uppin price.... mooe and more & consumers have turned to dollar ssores to saae aabuck. 3& (jody) 22:39:54 they can really save you a lot f money surveyed 15-hundred women 3 of themmare shopping at dollar sttres more than they used to. (jody)22:40:46 they're parrying the same merchandise as theenational brands and - they're also carryinn their - own store brandd too but is - the quality of those brands theesame. connumer reports' & can not say because it didn't -3 test the quality. (thomaa) 33:54 anything that has a shopppng at dollar stores for more than ten earss.thomas) 33:48:20 i love the dollar dealsbut even she admits theree are items she staas away 3 anything electrical.product wiihout ul labels or with fake &pones vouching for their safety. &p tems in boxes likeethese -3 coulddbe closeouttitems.... & that should be avoidedd also avoid off brrnd vitamins at 3 any cost.22:33:26 in the past when we have lookeddsome stand alone stores we fou
--adbllb weather tz-- -3 companies across the country blame a weak economy aad the more...from... - , and... papa johns... / ameeica's... business climate... mend....//and... the ccast... - of... obamacarr... iss...just the beginn. beeinning. don restrepo [pronounced= re- strep-poe] owns a shoe and luggage repair shop. soo in 23:37 "rrght now, just tryingg to cut expenses from every source."trtt04likk most small &pbusiness owners, restrepo is mooey.[ntsnd anging on shoe 16:08--6:01trt=02[video for &prent for sale signs 11115, livelihood, reetrepo sold his - pome and moved into an apartment and relocateddhis business to save on rent, all to avoid the mistepssothers business."trt=:04he runs the e - place on a shoestring budget retailors and the federal - government. sot in restrepo] sot in 18:26 "the shoes over trt::04military uts could he's mindful of what's taking place across tte country. [ttke raphic] medical device manufacturers such as welch allyn, ssryker, boston scientific and medtronic have or say they ill lay off are driving those dec
... yfor president - about 3 hours from now... he's about the economy... in a statement from the east room. it's a chance for the newly re- some of the big issues facing washinggon... including stavvng off the so-called also serves to outlineethe president's priorities mooiig forward. 3 are making sure their students know today... how importaat it ssrved. joel d. ssith is seev. liveeat gerstell accdemy where leadership is taught everrday, 3 3 3 special offers for men and women in uniform... this veteran's dayy offering a complimentary entree from a special menu. complimentaryyappeeizerr... pnd longhorn steakhouse is offerinn a complimentaay alcohooic bevvragg. on--- veterans nd active-ddty military need to show ppoof of service... ffr theespecial offers. we have two very special additions today... to our fox45 famiil.our mornnng show director... karen burress... gave birthhto twin boos thursday morning. morning.on the left... yoo're looking at hugh the fourrh..e came into the world at 4-pounds 12-ouncesshe's a fuul brother grayson.. who you'ree grayson ii 33pounds 10-ounces.
to a resurgent economy and to renewed greatness." greatness." pote... by... more thaa... a... two to one margin...////. former.... congrrssman .. .and... leader of the works"... dick the... republicans... are... missing... a greaa opportunity. 3 "the repuulicans has so messee up their ness on this iis people ho hare our point of view on social issuessthe are entrepeneurial they should be our natural ccnstituancy." & constituancy." 3 armey... says... insensitive language... uued... by.... some... republicans... - is... costing the valuable vooes... in the hispanic coomunity 3 in one of the biggest ssues approved same sex marriage. lib>manyycouples...and 3&&pchurches....are now assessing...what the new law...will them..but supporters...are callinggit... a...historic victory 3(clippinger) "we told hem that we want to be able to to have recognized the people wwo we love. we told them what it means to us and our families and our chillren (cheers)" (cheers)"the new...same-sex
'clock this afttrnoon... he will address the nation about the economy... in a statement from thh east's a chaace for the newly re- &ppome of the big issues facing staving off the so-called fiscal cliff.the statement president's priorities moving a new study finds pregnancy tests can beejust as beneficial for ámená... aa po the ameeican cancer testicular cancer in men... byy dettctiig a cerrain hormone. that hormone is produced by the cellssof a oman'ss placenta during pregnancy... and it's also excreted by some couches, cars and now... áco-signnrs? ádesperate craiglist... in search of people to co-sign a loan foo them. the borrowerr often offer cash for a ssgnature... but is ttis a reaaly bad stacey coh-an is live from washingttn this mmrning with the sttry. good morning, stacey. - isn'' there also theepotential for scammers to try thhs tactic to steal your mooey? &pcoming up nexx... a tense night... on ""he xx factor."why thh judges had a harr time... sending one singer're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morning. 3 we now kkow the top 12 on with mooe on last night's
to a fairer, simpler ssstem - will bring jobs home and result in a stronger, healthier econnmy." economy." 3 without... congressional action,,../ bdgets ...for the pentagon ... and... some... entitlement progrrms ... will... be slashed .../ this... january first. the excitment over tte election as heart stopping.... literally--- for a man in michi. billland rosieta brandy were voting early on monday....when billy... suddenly collapsed.he wasn't breaahing and his eart stopped... rosita thouggh her husband was deed. god please not now and it ng - peems as sooo as i said that this man next to him put him on the ground started doing cpr it was like annangel god heaad me. me. a mmn who happens to be a registered nurse was standing right beside them... revvved billy.his biggest concern.... when he oke up?he if had in fact voted.he anted toomake sure he helped to return barackkobama to ffice. his wife assured hhm his vott pas already cast. p in... austin,,texas,.../ ámadá...// school dá...//- officials.... warn... after... a... middle .- attacked.... at....
. companies... blame... a... bad... economy .../ and... the... cost ... of... healthcare.../ for... job cuts.../ boeing to... applebee's... , and... papa johns... / america's... business climate... is... still not... pn the menn....//and... the cost... of... for... business owners.../ iss...just the beginnin. beginning. don restrepo [pronounced= re- strep-poe] owns a shoe and luggage rrpair shop. sot in 23:37 "righttnow, just trying source."trt=04like most small business owners, restrepo iss workinn longer hours for less money.[ntsnd banggng on shoe rent for sale signs 11:15, 11:27, 11:38]to hang on to his home and mooed into an apartment and relocated his businesssto save on rent, all to avoid the misteps others have made.sottin 21:57 "we are lucky to be able to stay in business."trt=:04he runs the retaiiorss nd the federal et - government. sot in restrepo] sot in 18:26 "the shoee ovee herr are for the coast guard.. trt::04military cuts could kill restrrpo's business and he's mindful of what's taking place across the countryy manufacturers such as welc
economy.../ ...the... second biggest in the u-s.../ and... the... 13th argest... in the world../.bbt... experts ...point out... that texas... would lose billions... in... federal funds... if... pnion...////.we... will... have... more on up on he late edition at 11 and ts our question of the day...shoold states be able to secede? this questionnwent viral..his than 600 of you posted your commentsson this question....a lot of you on both sides of this issue... still talking about thhs one...join the discussion by oing to facebook dot com slash fox- baltimore if... you... work... full-time.../ receive... health benefits... and... paid... sick leave.../ thousands... of... workers... receive... no... paid... sick days. days.john....rydell... says../. that's promptiig... seeeral... local proups... action... if you're a fuultime... tate employee...youreceive "15" paid, sick days a year.but in the private sector...many workers...are not luckky "forty perrent of all workers in the state of maryyand don't have any paid sick leave at all."jason
it would pllnge the u-s economy back into recession. 3 we want an agreement. we want pn agreement. republicans and ddmoorats ave 48 days tt come up with that agreement, and avoid having the nation go over the so-called "fiscal cliff.""today,,ppesident obama will meet with top american c-e-os to get their thoughts. on tuesday, labor leaders went the tax increases and spending cuts set to take effect in january, unless congress can compromise. thh president, like we are, aae committed to middle class and making sure that rich peeple pay their committed to that. if thinns don't change, tax cuts will expire for middle-income americaas in january. he tax policy center esttmates the increase of 35- hundree-dollarss "we typically get a refund and thinking that &pmight not be a possibility fo people who do useethat money at the end of the year for big exppnses that wuld be tough." democrats want higger taxes on currenn taxessrates for the miidle class. republicans want toocut government spending. a nnw poll shows many americans think lawmakerr are too far apart..half told ew research
reepblicans say that will hurt the economy."feeding the growth of government hrough higher tax rates on't help us solvv the problem." but he speeaer also signaaed what the table as long as it comes from tax eform and not higher thing that's clear-- lawmakers want the president to be involved in any deal-making"i think it's importanttfor s to come to an agreement with the president, buu this is his opportunity to lead."aad taxes aren't the only hang-up.congress also has to figure out how to reduce ppeedinggon entitlements like sociil security and medicare-- the demmcrats' sacred coww. with the balance of power unchanged on capitol hill-- finding ttat elusive coomon ground on these issues could be tough-- both in the lame duck session-- nd beyond.a the cliff appears most likely. "just give everybody a little bit of timee a little bit of breathing room to get back next year and, in the exactly how yyu aat o do t an- thhs and give everybody time tt negotiate quite frankky." it's sureebe a long and rocky road heed.athena ones, c-n- n, washington of the you think uee
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14